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Life is short, Eat dessert first.


Inspired by some amazingly tasty cocktails, a couple of homegrown Phoenix girls had the mad idea that the marriage of cupcakes and cocktails should, nae must be done. 

Each treat features top shelf spirits baked right into the cake, as well whipped into the European style buttercream, as a bonus to your taste buds.  

The world of spirits is endless; every day we’re inspired to whip up exciting new worlds of flavor and take our creations to another next level.


Food for thought ....

While our cupcakes contain about the same amount of alcohol as say a rum cake, we are all about eating responsibly. And are more than happy to do non-alcoholic version upon request.

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Fresh ....

Unlike others, we use no high fructose corn syrup or preservatives. And we only use flavors that are naturally derived from fresh ingredients, and as many locally sourced items as possible.


Our Clients

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Keeping it local ....

We proudly use as many Arizonan businesses products as we can to create our baked delights, especially the likes of Danzeisen milk & Hickman's eggs, which helps more of your dollars stay and support our state.